There are currently no job postings at Salvage Garden.


Recruitment Fraud Alert

Salvage Garden has been made aware that the antiques industry is currently the target of widespread recruitment fraud efforts.

The fraudulent schemes being perpetrated occur when the fraudsters claim to be external recruitment agents for Salvage Garden. Please be aware that;

1. Salvage Garden does not use external recruitment agents.

2. Salvage Garden will never ask a candidate for payments for any reason as part of the recruitment process. Candidates should never send money to Salvage Garden or anyone purporting to be a Salvage Garden agent.

3. Salvage Garden does not conduct interviews via social media websites, email, text, letters, faxes, phone calls or any other electronic messaging platforms.

3. As part of the interview process, Salvage Garden will never ask candidates for social security/insurance numbers, passport numbers or bank information.

4. All Salvage Garden communications will come from an email address.

5. All prospective candidates are required to apply through the Salvage Garden page (

If you have been the victim of a fraud by sending money or personal private information to a fraudster, the please report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement agency in the country where you reside.