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4 Creative Ways to Use Factory Windows

November 26, 2020

At Salvage Garden we focus on reclaiming old items and giving them new life. Some of our clients have found innovative ways to use our reclaimed factory window pieces in their art and design.

Windows are beneficial for any living space as they allow natural light to shine in and can make any place seem brighter and bigger. The best way to utilize windows is to consider the design of the space; living rooms, bathrooms, hallways and kitchens are unique spaces where light can truly enhance the room. Here are some ways we at Salvage Garden have utilized reclaimed industrial factory windows:

1. Mirror Windows

Mirror Factory Window Mirror Factory Window

Mirrors are a great way to make any space feel larger. They also reflect light to brighten a space when there are limited or no windows. An innovative idea to incorporate an industrial feel to a space is to create a mirror using factory windows and frames. It becomes a clever way to utilize the mirror while also using reclaimed materials for an industrial design.

2. Wall Divider 

 Factory Window Divider viewed from the front Factory Window Divider viewed from the back

Open concept spaces have become more popular with designing rooms but playing around with industrial design can also add character to any room. To keep rooms separated without feeling closed off, this factory window provides a perfect balance of the two. It brightens and opens up the space in a unique way and still highlights the industrial design.

3. Stained Glass 

Stained Glass Factory Window Stained Glass Factory Windows

Working with interior designers and restaurant owners is a large part of Salvage Garden’s business. Here you see some beautifully large factory windows that have been stained in various colours for the Playa Cabana Bar Esquina at Yonge & Eglinton in Toronto. These windows highlight the cultural atmosphere of the restaurant while integrating a downtown loft design. Incorporating colours on the glass plays with the natural light and is a beautiful way to enhance any space.

4. Artwork 

Leslie Hirst Factory Window Gallery

Another interesting way to use reclaimed material is for artwork. We worked closely with the talented Leslie Hirst for her of rock and air exhibit. She used our factory windows alongside her designs to create beautiful pieces. Check out her portfolio to learn more.


“It simply would not have made sense to present my project in any other way than within a framework of re-use -- not of using a window as a window...but using it as something other -- as a metaphor for passage and a platform for discussing what is present.” – Leslie Hirst


Factory windows are unique in that the large frames and size are timeless. As displayed in this article, they are great ways to brighten any space by allowing plenty of natural light to shine through.

If you are searching for reclaimed industrial factory windows to enhance your living space or for any type of project, contact us and we can help you find the perfect frame.

Check out our online store for more items in our curated collection of industrial and architectural artifacts!


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