About Salvage Garden

David Wood Salvage Garden

 David Wood, Co-Owner

Located in the village of Enterprise, Ontario, Salvage Garden has a curated collection of architectural and industrial artifacts. Founded by David Wood and Andrew Halkewycz, Salvage Garden currently resides in a former church built in 1892. The building displays craftsmanship and materials in such a way that it is a perfect representation of the business’ goal of reclaiming old objects and giving them new life. 

Salvage Garden offers an extensive inventory of loft-style steel framed windows, unique salvaged doors, mid-century and Holophane lighting, vintage factory cabinets and tables, vintage signs and much more. 

With the abundance of heritage buildings, talented local contractors, designers, realtors, and tradespeople, many of our items are from the Eastern Ontario region. These incredible people are discovering Salvage Garden not only as a resource for projects, but also a great place to find amazing architectural and industrial finds that would otherwise be put to waste. 

We work directly with collectors, designers, builders and those who enjoy DIY projects across Canada and the U.S. Our items have been featured on films sets and we have supplied our reclaimed factory windows and architectural elements for restaurant owners and designers while also providing tables, seating, vintage signs and other decorative pieces.