Salvage Garden will re open to the public on Saturday, May 23rd and will resume regular business hours while observing social distancing protocols. Curb side pick up is still available as is our regular Tuesday delivery to Greater Toronto.

About Salvage Garden

David Wood Salvage Garden

 David Wood, Co-Owner

Owned by David Wood and Andrew Halkewycz, Salvage Garden is located in a former church, nestled in the village of Enterprise, Ontario. The handsome structure, built in 1892 displays craftsmanship and materials not typical of more recent construction. We love the integrity of the structure, it fits our repurposing mantra, and demonstrates perfectly that you can honour the past by finding new ways to use things.

Salvage Garden offers an extensive inventory of factory windows, tin ceilings, industrial lighting, advertising signage, tables, seating, vintage metal cabinets and much more. We work directly with collectors, designers, builders, and do-it-yourselfers, in Canada and the US, who appreciate traditional craftsmanship and authentic materials. 

Many of our items are from the region which has an abundance of heritage buildings and talented local contractors, designers, tradespeople and realtors who are discovering Salvage Garden not only as a resource for their projects, but also a great place to channel salvageable materials that could otherwise be headed for landfills.

Salvage Garden is grateful for the support of the local community who shop with us and contact us when they are editing collections, downsizing, dealing with estates, or desire to see items diverted from landfills. They are a diverse, authentic group of people, who teach us much about the region, its people, and its rich history.